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Coming Home

Yeah, it has been a while, hasn't it? I would love to say that I have had nothing to add to this digital cacophony we call the internet, but I've posted my ass off on other sites. Why haven't I updated this? Who the hell knows. Let's blame it on lazyness, ok?

Here are some things that have interested me...

The ongoing fight between evolution and intelligent design. We are going back to the monkey trials, but in reverse. Does creationism have a place in the modern science class?

Dubya's ongoing delusions. Wow, this guy just amazes me daily. He is completely oblivious about the realities of the world around him, the consequences of his actions, and his own popularity.

This is from the Post, so take your prescribed grain(s) of salt before reading, but it is certainly an interesting perspective...http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/blog/2006/04/10/BL2006041000588.html

What we do know is that he authorized the release of the Plame information. Legal or not, it is absolutely true that he lied. He is somewhere between a hypocrite and a criminal at this point. Yet he continues, with blinders on, to charge full on at Iran. Whether it will be another failed invasion or a series of tacticle nuke strikes it will be a disaster in my honest opinion.

I'll try to post more soon.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 2:38 PM


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