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Ever have one of those days where you are just in a daze? I got 4 hours of sleep on Wednesday night and about 2 last night. I’m a damn zombie this morning.

The world is moving about three times faster than I can react. My eyes are screaming when I ask them to focus on any object within three feet. The level of concentration it is taking to make sure these sentences are vaguely coherent and conform to some respectable level of grammar is astounding.

It is times like this where I believe that a perfect afterlife is a huge bed with a massive overstuffed comforter. The air is just cool enough to make you want to curl up under the blankets, holding them tightly to your chin. There is no alarm clock by your side, just a shuttered window which will let the sun wake you when it is late enough that you can’t ignore the ongoing world outside anymore.

Damn, I’m torturing myself.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 9:25 AM


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