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There is enough shit in this world to fill Lake Superior about 14 times over, and all too often there isn't enough good to begin to couter that. But every once in a while you may see something that beings to restore your faith in not only humanity, but in our culture.

Penny Arcade is an online comic strip which deals with overwhelming social issues like video games and...not too much else. To call Gabe and Tycho's site off-color is an insult to off-color sites everywhere as topics dealing with the color of ducks' cocks and pictures of shit-filled toilets are not avoided...nay, they are celebrated. However, those of us who may have been shorted in the genetic lottery, it can be quite upsetting to realize that Gabe and Tycho both grabbed more wit and talent than two people have any right to; I do hope we each get a separate pool to draw from. They are funny, artistic, and their posts are very well written. In a time that sees our president abusing the English language like a 12-year-old Ted Bundy abused the neighborhood cats, to see a site that uses irony, sarcasm, and literacy with as much grace as they use color in their comics is a welcome relief.

So last year after hearing all of the shit and blame that gets tossed on video games and gamers, they decided to fight back by doing a toy drive for their local (Seattle) children's hospital. A month later they were delivering one quarter of a million dollars worth of toys and donations to the hospital. That is not a typo nor an exaggeration. $250,000. That is serious good karma.

This year they are expanding the drive to a total of 6 cities and will certainly get my support. I hope they get yours as well.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 2:24 PM


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