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TheStar.com - Astronaut flew high on wings and a prayer

TheStar.com - Astronaut flew high on wings and a prayer

Great story. This entire X-Prize thing harkens back to the days of Charles Lindbergh and barnstorming when people did things for the challenge. There is a barrier to be broken, so by god why don't we try to break it.

What has been accomplished in this flight is astounding. The future is even more incredible with 7-up about to start sending contest winners to space. Think about that. You open up your Diet Cherry 7-up, look at the bottle cap, and next thing you know you are on your way through the stratosphere.

The commercial interests are not only obvious, but completely necessary. This is still a capitalistic society and it is money which drives innovation. I don't care WHY people go up there, but that they do is very important. We have to as a species keep pushing our boundaries, trying to go farther and higher and faster.

It is an exiting time right now.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 6:58 AM


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