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Today's Tidbits...

I haven't posted in a few days and I need to apologize for that. I know all of my faithful readers have been dying with anticipation of my next thrilling entry, so wait no more.

News of the Day:

Now, I'm not saying our government is full of shit but there is always the Farenheit 451 or 1984 theory that a population constantly under threat is one which is easily manipulated. Again, I don't totally believe it, but it is getting closer to that point. How many terror alerts have we seen in the past 3 years versus how many terror attacks? I understand that there may be some intelligence successes that are being kept quiet, but it is leading to a "boy who cries wolf" phenomena.

What a load of crap. One quarter of all internet users have downloaded movies? No way in hell...I know many, many people who access the internet and most of them wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to do such a thing. The MPAA is fudging the stats to bolster their argument.

Ohio State has a new basketball coach...Thad Motta. Good luck...the Buckeye faithful is a tough bunch to please.

Score four points for the bulls and one for Darwin.

AMD's market share is still gaining. Competition is only good for us wee consumers.

I may have more later on...
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