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Daily thoughts...

Making women jealous everywhere, Cassini has passed through the largest rings in the solar system and has entered orbit around Saturn. By the way,for the non-science geeks out there who have always wondered what Saturn's rings are, they evidently are part of the dick of Jesus. I kid you not. Hell, I'm nuts (no pun intended), but even I can't make some of this shit up.

Evidently Saddam says that Bush is the criminal. Now I'm not disagreeing with him entirely, but don't you think he should be worried about his own ass? Watching this unfold may be more entertaining than most things on TV today. One thing we can count on is the general honesty of those in Saddam's administration.

Whoa, Isn't this how The Stand started? An infection getting out of a lab. Mass hysteria follows.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 3:49 PM


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