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Boob Blogs

Anyone notice that most of the blogs in the popular list of Blogarama are about sex or boobs?

There are a few lessions I can gleem by that tidbit of information.
1. Y'all are a bunch of perves. (I'm not southern. Not at all. I just use that "y'all" for humorous effect. I don't think it worked)
2. Boobs are good.
3. The more times you have the word boobs, breasts, or hooters in your blog, the more popular it becomes. I don't know if it works with other euphamisms like tatas, gazombas, melons, funbags, happy pillows, or kitten killers.

Now that is the full extent of what I can gleem from that. I wish I could somehow extend this into a rant on the hypocracy of the religious right, but who the fuck do you think I am? Sherlock Homes and his bullshit "deductive reasoning"? What a steaming pile of pig shit that is. Not only is it the father of all modern plot devices, it also got people to think that deductive reasoning is sound...it isn't. Inductive reasoning is the way to go, not deductive. Look at many pieces of evidence to come up with a solid, verifable conclusion. Don't look at one piece of evidence which then leads you on this whole convoluted conclusion.

It is kind of the way Alanis Morissette's Ironic song contains absolutely no irony. Unless you count the fact that a song on irony contains no irony...THAT is ironic. But now we have peolpe thinking that dying the day you win the lottery is ironic or having a plane crash when you afraid of planes. THOSE ARE NOT IRONY!

New topic I thought I should warn you of that. Have you noticed how in blogs it is cool to be cynical and condescending? Bitching about the world and the people in it...calling them all dumbfucks and asshats...that is how you are supposed to blog. This is where I say how I'm going to be above that and be positive and uplifting. Telling you all to be good to each other and don't forget to pray to Jesus.

Fuck that. I'm a slave to fashion.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 10:55 AM


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