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Cheney got served!

This is one of the funnier things I've read in quite a while. Well worth a few minutes of your short life.

The New Yorker: Shouts and Murmurs

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More Randy Ayres, plus daily news

Just some random thoughts for the day...posting this from work because my damn cable modem is down at home. It looks like some woodland creature chewed through the cable line. I'm sorry, but this is inexcuseable! If those bloody little rodents can't leave my shit alone, then we should go ahead and pave the entire planet and get rid of them once and for all. Then we can rename the planet Coruscant.

Wow, maybe WB actually has a fucking clue. Who would have thought? They've fired that dumbass McG as the director of the new Superman movie and hired Brian Singer, the director of X-Men and X-Men2. No more cybernetic suit, Lex being a Kryptonian, or movie directed like a damn Aerosmith video. Harry over at Ain't It Cool has the scoop.

Oh, looks like the new PM of Iraq may have executed 6 prisoners at point blank range in his office. It is being investigated and may or may not hold any water, but if so then I have to say he certainly has learned a few things from Bush about how Texas doesn't fuck around with the death penalty.

If you run Windows XP, then you must upgrade to Service Pack 2 when it comes out next month. It will do a shitload towards getting your computer to be safe and secure...but keep in mind that some things just will not work ever again. This is the price we pay for using a decent OS (winxp) that has been built on 20 years of crappy patched code (DOS). Microsoft is going to take truckloads of shit for what SP2 breaks, but they are doing the right thing. For the first time ever they are putting security on a higher level of importance than compatibility. And that is a good thing.

Sometimes I don't understand Google. I'm now the top search result for Randy Ayres just because he was in the title of one of my posts. So, here are my actual thoughts on the guy...I actually liked him to begin. I started at OSU in 90, just when he was hitting his stride. Jimmy Jackson, Perry Carter, Treig Lee, Mark Baker...these were the guys that were kicking roundball ass my first 2 years of college. But then, as those guys left we started to see problems. Recruiting violations, theft, attacks, grades...from "Killer" Macon to Greg Simpson always getting in trouble to Derek Anderson jumping the sinking ship (I can't blame him) to go to Kentucky, the program went in the dumps so quickly. It really destroyed my faith in Randy. He was great when coaching the kids Gary Williams recruited, but the kids he brought in were just a bunch of punks. So that's my Randy talk.

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Yahoo! News - U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack

Yahoo! News - U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack

Talk about disturbing. All I want is to get that moron out of the White House and now he may try to use terror to postpone the presidential elections.

Especially funny is this line, "Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge warned last week that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network want to attack within the United States to try to disrupt the election." Don't you think that by postponing the election you ARE disrupting it?

Stupid people piss me off.
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Britany slip...

Yes, yes, yes. I am a total whore for attention. The only reason I am running this is because it may help get me some attention and like a 3 yar old who throws his food on the floor, I am willing to behave like a child just to up my hit count.

On that note, Ms. Spears did pop out of her costume the other night. I do have a pic of it (most of the rest of the world probably does too at this point). Because I don't want my little webserver to hit hotlinked to hell, if you want to see the pic, email me. I'll be happy to forward it on. kelly.oconnor@gmail.com
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Dubya AWOL

Anyone else find the fact that Bush's military records were accidentally destroyed at least slightly suspicious?
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Dubya pisses me off even more

I can't pass on commenting on this...

October Present for Dubya?

...The New Republic has learned that Pakistani security officials have been told they must produce HVTs by the election. HVTs are High Value Targets, which would include Osama bin Laden. Now anyone who finds this surprising is very naive, but it is still something which deserves attention.

Powell pointedly refused to criticize Musharraf for pardoning nuclear physicist A.Q. Khan--who, the previous month, had admitted exporting nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea, and Libya--declaring Khan's transgressions an "internal" Pakistani issue. So if you give Dubya the election he will forgive damn near everything else. What a dirty fuck. Oh, we will also sell them F-16s if they give us bin Laden.
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Today's Tidbits...

I haven't posted in a few days and I need to apologize for that. I know all of my faithful readers have been dying with anticipation of my next thrilling entry, so wait no more.

News of the Day:

Now, I'm not saying our government is full of shit but there is always the Farenheit 451 or 1984 theory that a population constantly under threat is one which is easily manipulated. Again, I don't totally believe it, but it is getting closer to that point. How many terror alerts have we seen in the past 3 years versus how many terror attacks? I understand that there may be some intelligence successes that are being kept quiet, but it is leading to a "boy who cries wolf" phenomena.

What a load of crap. One quarter of all internet users have downloaded movies? No way in hell...I know many, many people who access the internet and most of them wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to do such a thing. The MPAA is fudging the stats to bolster their argument.

Ohio State has a new basketball coach...Thad Motta. Good luck...the Buckeye faithful is a tough bunch to please.

Score four points for the bulls and one for Darwin.

AMD's market share is still gaining. Competition is only good for us wee consumers.

I may have more later on...
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The Choice is yours...shit or shittier

So, Kerry/Edwards, eh? Kerry only believes what the polls tell him to and Edwards made his forturn suing doctors on false pretenses. Nice. Well, at least they are better than voting for Satan.
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Boob Blogs

Anyone notice that most of the blogs in the popular list of Blogarama are about sex or boobs?

There are a few lessions I can gleem by that tidbit of information.
1. Y'all are a bunch of perves. (I'm not southern. Not at all. I just use that "y'all" for humorous effect. I don't think it worked)
2. Boobs are good.
3. The more times you have the word boobs, breasts, or hooters in your blog, the more popular it becomes. I don't know if it works with other euphamisms like tatas, gazombas, melons, funbags, happy pillows, or kitten killers.

Now that is the full extent of what I can gleem from that. I wish I could somehow extend this into a rant on the hypocracy of the religious right, but who the fuck do you think I am? Sherlock Homes and his bullshit "deductive reasoning"? What a steaming pile of pig shit that is. Not only is it the father of all modern plot devices, it also got people to think that deductive reasoning is sound...it isn't. Inductive reasoning is the way to go, not deductive. Look at many pieces of evidence to come up with a solid, verifable conclusion. Don't look at one piece of evidence which then leads you on this whole convoluted conclusion.

It is kind of the way Alanis Morissette's Ironic song contains absolutely no irony. Unless you count the fact that a song on irony contains no irony...THAT is ironic. But now we have peolpe thinking that dying the day you win the lottery is ironic or having a plane crash when you afraid of planes. THOSE ARE NOT IRONY!

New topic I thought I should warn you of that. Have you noticed how in blogs it is cool to be cynical and condescending? Bitching about the world and the people in it...calling them all dumbfucks and asshats...that is how you are supposed to blog. This is where I say how I'm going to be above that and be positive and uplifting. Telling you all to be good to each other and don't forget to pray to Jesus.

Fuck that. I'm a slave to fashion.
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Voyeurs Rejoice!

For those of you who are curious about other people's blogging habits, I've found a very cool site. It shows the last 10-20 pictures posted to any livejournal (blogging site) blog. There is no moderation to this, so there's no telling what you might see. So consider this NSFW. Blog Picture Dump
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Daily thoughts...

Making women jealous everywhere, Cassini has passed through the largest rings in the solar system and has entered orbit around Saturn. By the way,for the non-science geeks out there who have always wondered what Saturn's rings are, they evidently are part of the dick of Jesus. I kid you not. Hell, I'm nuts (no pun intended), but even I can't make some of this shit up.

Evidently Saddam says that Bush is the criminal. Now I'm not disagreeing with him entirely, but don't you think he should be worried about his own ass? Watching this unfold may be more entertaining than most things on TV today. One thing we can count on is the general honesty of those in Saddam's administration.

Whoa, Isn't this how The Stand started? An infection getting out of a lab. Mass hysteria follows.
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