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Unhappy Anniversary (washingtonpost.com)

Life in Hong Kong not so good... Another one of those articles that makes you appreciate the US and other democracies. Sure we have our problems, like fascists idiots running the White House, but it could be worse. We aren't being pressured to take pics of our ballots to prove we are "patriots".

That's the problem with labels like "patriot". Any more I never see that word used in a positive light, only as a mean to manipulate others. We frequently see the conservative wing of our population use that word to describe the pro-war crowd, implying that anyone who doesn't support the war is unpatriotic. Now I'm not going to get into a pro/anti war discussion here, but isn't it possible that those who don't agree with the war or the current administration are just as patriotic? They may just feel that the current actions of the President are against the spirit of this nation?

So to sum up, labels are bad. But living in Hong Kong right now is much worse.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 11:10 AM


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