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The Tribe has spoken...turn off the camera

It seems that in a horribly misguided attempt to get that precious 16th minute of fame, Jenna Lewis from the first season of Survivor had a sex romp with her 21-year old new husband video taped. Not 2 days later, this was on the internet for sale. So, we have two options...A) She's an idiot who somehow got this tape stolen, digitized, edited, and posted on its own web site in 48 hours or B) She's a completely worthless fool who willingly had this leaked for personal profit.

This whole "drive to be a celebrity" thing is getting so out of control. I like some reality TV, like Survivor and Big Brother. The perverted voyeur in me gets a frightening unnatural kick out of watching these people interact, especially Big Brother. It is wrong and I am rightfully ashamed of it, but like the lonely Irish sheephearder that keeps cornering that one lovely ewe in the corner of the stone fence even though he hates himself for it, I just keep watching these shows. But perhaps, my own stalker-like proclivities aside, this phenomenon has gone on quite long enough?

Last night was Family Fear Factor where a parent brought along their 10 or so year old child to compete with them. Now Fear Factor is sometimes entertaining to watch, if only to see how gleefully these fucktards will debase themselves for peanuts, but this was taking it too far. If you want to go on national television and chew on a bull's dick or wallow in duck piss for the entertainment of the American masses, well go right ahead. Have fun. But DO FUCKING NOT take your 10 year old daughter along on the ride to public humiliation. These kids were terrified, but their goddamn parents kept pushing them and forcing them to do this shit. Then when they didn't win, the kids would break down crying because they cost mommy a chance to get those implants she's been wanting so she can again become the headliner at the local gas station/strip club.

And then you have the truely low shit on TV like Who Wants to Marry My Dad and that crap. The romance end of the genre that seems to meld the voyeuristic, the humilation, and a certain gross sentimentality into one giant oozing mass of low IQ TV.

Now Last Comic Standing is actually good TV, in my humble opinion. These are professional entertainers who are competing in their chosen field. Funny as hell and quite reasonable.

But seriously Jenna, no one wants to buy your video. If they wanted it, all they would have to do is do a search on some file sharing program for "jenna lewis" and they would have the entire thing an hour later. Not that I have done that, but...
|| Kelly O'Connor, 1:15 PM


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