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'sUp HomiEzz!

I love this whole blog thing, I think it is great fun to go around reading other people's blogs, but what the fuck is up with all of those assholes who refuse to actually write in some form of recognizable English? No, I'm not being some asshole American saying you must speak my language, I am talking about the people who are being "cool" and writing in some fucked-up, give-me-my-Ritalin, illiterate form of "elite" speak with a mix of IM talk.

You know what I'm talking about? wHer r u gO To? Fk dis shat, boyZz!!1! Random placements of upper-case letters and various intentional misspellings bred with an utter lack of vocabulary, grammar, and coherence leads to a sentence that makes me want to have a stroke. If you feel an overwhelming desire to experience pain, go set off a cherry bomb in your ass. If that doesn’t fulfill your sado-masochistic needs, then look at one of these shittacular pages. Do you want examples?.

These dumbfucks need to die.

By they way, my 10,000 spelling errors, which someone is bound to point out in a moment of wit, are due to being too lazy to care, not from some pre-pubescent desire to be cool.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 10:35 AM


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