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Quick Robin, to the Geek Cave!

Addiction is a bad thing, ya'know? It can drive an otherwise sane person to do all sorts of things which he or she wouldn't otherwise avoid at all costs.

Yes, I am addicted.

To what, you ask? Well, that is a complex question, dear Reader. I have an addictive personality. What ever I am into at that particular moment is all I want to do to the exclusion of anything else, including those things which you would consider necessary for the continuation of life. Things like sleep, food, personal restroom time, spending time with the wife...these are the things which I neglect. I don't intentionally do it, I just forget about all else around me.

And no, I am not talking about substance abuse, it is generally either books or games that take my mind. Currently, the flavor of the month is City of Heros a Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). For those of you not in the know, that means that when I play, I am playing purely online with many many other people around the world, that's the Massively Multiplayer Online part. The RPG part is that you create a fairly unique character and build it over time, often times that character will have a distinct personality and history, which is the role you play.

CoH is an unusual take on the old Dungeons and Dragons forumula. Rather than a fantasy setting, or a sci-fi setting, which is what most of the other offerings in the MMORPG world, rather they took a new approach and everyone is a Superhero. Yep, you have cities with a few thousand wanna-be Supermen running about. It makes for a very humorous, action-oriented experience. It is very easy to quickly team up with others and take on bigger foes, plus there is no lack of baddies to go after.

I can predict my next addiction already. World of Warcraft will be coming out sometime this fall. HOly Shit. It is going to rock the world. Well the tech world. Those that play games. Online. Ok, there is a very small subsection of the population that will get into this, but in that select group it is nothing less than the Holy Grail.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 8:33 AM


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