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Random new thoughts of the day...

Hotmail feeling the pressure... and is upping their limit to 250MB of storage space to compete with Gmail. Yahoo has already increased their limit to 100MB in response. The free email wars continue.

Of course I seem to collect email addresses the way an 8 year old collects trading cards, so I have all 3.

It looks like Doom 3, the heir apparent to the FPS crown and some would say is the actual return of the Son of God, looks to be locked in to release date of August 3. That's $50 I will be required to spend. Then, right after that, Rumor Mill states that Half Life 2, the follow up to one of the most important games of the past 6 years, may also ship in August. That's just too much gaming for a month for me. ARGH!

On this day in 1941, Keith Arnold made the first ever reporting of a UFO which caused the creation of conspiracy message boards, a side effect of which was the creation of the entire Internet, which seems to be only a conduit of conspiracies or porn.

The Sixth Sign of the Apocolypse has arrived. Naturally decaf coffee beans are growing in the wild. What's next? Dry Water?
|| Kelly O'Connor, 8:07 AM


I think there was a time in my life when I had 9 different email addresses from 9 different providers.

I'm down to 5 now... 3 personal and 2 work related. Progress. :)
Blogger Pink Kitty, at 4:10 PM  

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