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I survived!

I thought I'd give you (you being the collective term for absolutely nobody in the case of this blog)a quick rundown of the weekend. Me watching two boys, 7 and 9, was quite an adventure. But I found the secret...Desert Combat. This wonderful little game can tame the wildest of children...assuming they are screaming, chaotic, hyperstimulated maniacs on crack like my nephews. If we could figure out a way to harness the engergy these two dynamos give off, we wouldn't need to ever figure out how the hell to get cold fusion to work.

I tried to tell my sister when she caught one of the demons playing DC that it was a game about global politics. She didn't buy it, which speaks for her intelligence. But I have to say that they loved playing it even without bots running around to slaughter.

Other than that and the Harry Potter movie, the weekend wasn't too exciting. But I survived.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 10:02 PM


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