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How about Damien?

Well, I have two nephews coming to town this weekend, Ethan and Nolan. Actually, they are my only two nephews. Two bundles of energy. Ages 8 and 6, they should be a handful. Carol may be around, but she is on call, so there is no telling how much she will be home rather than catching babies. That leaves me and the rugrats. It is kind of going to be an interesting little trial run for this fall when little Walter arrives.

Walter is only what I have started calling him. Naming a human being is a tough thing...I don't want the name to be generic like Paul, David, or Mike. No offense to all of the Pauls, Davids, and Mikes out there, but those old biblical names are worn out and tired.

On the other hand, you don't want something that is begging for the kid to get his ass kicked...like say Ethan or Nolan. :) But all of the old "tough" names have been turned gay: Butch, Bruce, Spike...

Which leads us back to my old friends, the Irish names. Now Carol likes Ryan and I guess that is fine, but it doesn't do much for me. It isn't bad, mind you, but it just isn't all that great. I like some of the more interesting Gaelic names like Finnegan, Sullivan, Tiernan and that sort of thing.

Walter is just something that I grabbed as a joke. I figure that as long as she fights against that I may be able to get something else snuck through. Yes, I am a ripe bastard.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 9:18 AM


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