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haxored yoo!

A little mild geek talk here. Ready? The Internet is a great thing...if we could just get it away from the damn computers. Now I'm sure that doesn't make sense, if you've read a single other sentence of this blog you will already know that making sense isn't my strongest asset, but bear with me. The Internet is great for communication and reference, there is no doubt. The commerce aspect of it is finally starting to come around as well, but damn I wish I was a tech back in the days before they were online. Because the Internet is bad for computers. It really is. It is like you have this beautiful 18 year old virgin. She cooks, cleans, has a smart sense of humor, watches Meet the Press religiously, and hates everything M*ch*g*n. The perfect girl. Then you send her to college. A really shitty one, like for instance the University of Meatchicken. She comes back a month later knocked-up, hooked on crack, and smelling like an offensive tackle who hasn't showed in 2 weeks. That's your computer before and after you plug it into the Internet.

Hackers (a misnomer, by the way...they are actually crackers), viruses, trojans, spam...these things drive me fucking nuts. Spyware, don't even get me started on that craptacular invention. The little bastard aps are stealing their histories and password and the users don't care because they get little pop-ups telling them if it is raining outside. LOOK OUT A GODDAMN WINDOW!

Hoaxes. Shit hoaxes piss me off. About every week someone sends me a mass email warning me about the latest virus which is going to delete my email, underclock my processor, and screw my cat if I open the wrong email. Why does everyone believe this stuff? Why is it that if you tell someone the Patriot Act is unconstitutional, they won't believe you. You can sit them down with volumes of information, testimonials, previous laws, and 3 Supreme Court Justices and they still won't believe you. But if they get one single email from a dumbfuck friend of theirs saying that Microsoft will give them $10 for every person they forward this email to, they go out and sit by the mailbox waiting for the check.

Email viruses are the easiest in the world to avoid. A) Don't trust anything B) See "A"

That's it. No magic.

|| Kelly O'Connor, 9:20 PM


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