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Don't be surprised if my template changes a few times over the next day or so, I really don't like this one. Is is a clean layout, which is great, but also so very dry.

This afternoon my wife has another ultrasound. She's 20 or 21 weeks along in her pregnancy and things are starting to get interesting. No longer is it something you have to remind yourself; that she's pregnant. She is beginning to show now, plus she can feel the little tyke move around. I tried to feel it last night, but I still think it is much too early for that.

This will be her 300th or so ultrasound. The little freak has probably has absorbed so many ultrasound waves at this point that he's going to come out with some seriously cool superpowers. See the attached copy of our last ultrasound. I told you he was messed up. He obviously gets his looks from me rather than his mother.

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