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Unhappy Anniversary (washingtonpost.com)

Life in Hong Kong not so good... Another one of those articles that makes you appreciate the US and other democracies. Sure we have our problems, like fascists idiots running the White House, but it could be worse. We aren't being pressured to take pics of our ballots to prove we are "patriots".

That's the problem with labels like "patriot". Any more I never see that word used in a positive light, only as a mean to manipulate others. We frequently see the conservative wing of our population use that word to describe the pro-war crowd, implying that anyone who doesn't support the war is unpatriotic. Now I'm not going to get into a pro/anti war discussion here, but isn't it possible that those who don't agree with the war or the current administration are just as patriotic? They may just feel that the current actions of the President are against the spirit of this nation?

So to sum up, labels are bad. But living in Hong Kong right now is much worse.
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Don't be silent.

Drive-by Free Speech...interesting site where they take pics of signs (all seemingly anti-Bush/war) that have been put on overpasses. This brings me back to one of my strongest beliefs...if you have an opinion EXPRESS IT! Love or hate their message, they are certainly trying to convince others to think about the issues. I personally don't think that what they are doing is effective, short meaningless catch-phrases and pics without any context isn't persusasive in my opinion, but I love the fact that they are trying something. Do you disagree with their views? Tell me. Tell your coworker. Tell your spouse or sibling. Tell someone! Holding your opinion in a void does nothing but gives you an ulcer.

Start a blog, rant at a friend, call into a radio show, write a letter, whatever it takes, but share your opinion. This is a democracy still, so take advantage of the fact that you can say what you want, when you want.
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News updates

Farenheit 9/11 is big at the box office this past weekend. I am interested in seeing this film, but just broad, admitted propaganda is pretty rare in the world today. I don't know if it is actually going to do anything to change anyone's mind, most likely just people who already agree with the film are the ones seeing it, but still much of what is said in there is information that need to get out to the masses, but at the same time Moore did stretch or alter the truth on quite a few things which I don't agree with. I hope to see it over the next week or so, I'll be sure to post my thoughts after that.

I'm curious, did we even finish saying goodbye before we were on the plane drinking champagne? Now if we can just get our troops out of there.
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CERT recommends anything but IE | The Register

See?! I'm not nuts (well, I am, but not about this particular thing). CERT has said that people should use anything but Internet Explorer for browsing the Internet. CERT recommends anything but IE | The Register
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'sUp HomiEzz!

I love this whole blog thing, I think it is great fun to go around reading other people's blogs, but what the fuck is up with all of those assholes who refuse to actually write in some form of recognizable English? No, I'm not being some asshole American saying you must speak my language, I am talking about the people who are being "cool" and writing in some fucked-up, give-me-my-Ritalin, illiterate form of "elite" speak with a mix of IM talk.

You know what I'm talking about? wHer r u gO To? Fk dis shat, boyZz!!1! Random placements of upper-case letters and various intentional misspellings bred with an utter lack of vocabulary, grammar, and coherence leads to a sentence that makes me want to have a stroke. If you feel an overwhelming desire to experience pain, go set off a cherry bomb in your ass. If that doesn’t fulfill your sado-masochistic needs, then look at one of these shittacular pages. Do you want examples?.

These dumbfucks need to die.

By they way, my 10,000 spelling errors, which someone is bound to point out in a moment of wit, are due to being too lazy to care, not from some pre-pubescent desire to be cool.
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New attack on the Internet

Not cool...big new attack is out there on the Internet effecting servers running IIS (Microsoft's web hosting program) and client systems running Internet Explorer. It is this simple...if you go to an infected site using IE you WILL BE INFECTED which will make your computer into a Spambot. yes, you will be sending spam. There is no defense, patches, or anti-virus software to protect you from this yet. And the sites that are infected include major auction sites (Ebay?), financial institutions, and at one point MSN's homepage. Read the articles below.

CNN on the latest attack

SANS gives more detail

CERT chimes in

Do you want to be protected?
Not be an ass-eating spammer?
There is only one solution
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Of the Corporations, By the Corporations, and For the Corporations.

From your Daily Crock of Shit Update, good old boy Orrin Hatch wants to ban peer to peer networks since the RIAA and MPAA don't like them and he, like many politicians these days, has no views or opinions of his own only those that big corporations tell him to have.

This is from the same party that says "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Yet they blame the technology, not the people in this instance. What utter and complete bullshit. Hatch doesn't have the slightest understanding of technology, yet he is trying to make this massive decisions.
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news.google.com...try it

Random new thoughts of the day...

Hotmail feeling the pressure... and is upping their limit to 250MB of storage space to compete with Gmail. Yahoo has already increased their limit to 100MB in response. The free email wars continue.

Of course I seem to collect email addresses the way an 8 year old collects trading cards, so I have all 3.

It looks like Doom 3, the heir apparent to the FPS crown and some would say is the actual return of the Son of God, looks to be locked in to release date of August 3. That's $50 I will be required to spend. Then, right after that, Rumor Mill states that Half Life 2, the follow up to one of the most important games of the past 6 years, may also ship in August. That's just too much gaming for a month for me. ARGH!

On this day in 1941, Keith Arnold made the first ever reporting of a UFO which caused the creation of conspiracy message boards, a side effect of which was the creation of the entire Internet, which seems to be only a conduit of conspiracies or porn.

The Sixth Sign of the Apocolypse has arrived. Naturally decaf coffee beans are growing in the wild. What's next? Dry Water?
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Just don't roll the sweater up, okay?

Hmm... Bobby Knight as Ohio State's new Head Coach?

I don't know how I feel about that. I hate Bobby (in a I've-never-met-you-so-I've-made-this-rash-decision-about-you-based-entirely-on-your-media-persona way), but you can't really argue his history with the program, can you?
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Quick Robin, to the Geek Cave!

Addiction is a bad thing, ya'know? It can drive an otherwise sane person to do all sorts of things which he or she wouldn't otherwise avoid at all costs.

Yes, I am addicted.

To what, you ask? Well, that is a complex question, dear Reader. I have an addictive personality. What ever I am into at that particular moment is all I want to do to the exclusion of anything else, including those things which you would consider necessary for the continuation of life. Things like sleep, food, personal restroom time, spending time with the wife...these are the things which I neglect. I don't intentionally do it, I just forget about all else around me.

And no, I am not talking about substance abuse, it is generally either books or games that take my mind. Currently, the flavor of the month is City of Heros a Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). For those of you not in the know, that means that when I play, I am playing purely online with many many other people around the world, that's the Massively Multiplayer Online part. The RPG part is that you create a fairly unique character and build it over time, often times that character will have a distinct personality and history, which is the role you play.

CoH is an unusual take on the old Dungeons and Dragons forumula. Rather than a fantasy setting, or a sci-fi setting, which is what most of the other offerings in the MMORPG world, rather they took a new approach and everyone is a Superhero. Yep, you have cities with a few thousand wanna-be Supermen running about. It makes for a very humorous, action-oriented experience. It is very easy to quickly team up with others and take on bigger foes, plus there is no lack of baddies to go after.

I can predict my next addiction already. World of Warcraft will be coming out sometime this fall. HOly Shit. It is going to rock the world. Well the tech world. Those that play games. Online. Ok, there is a very small subsection of the population that will get into this, but in that select group it is nothing less than the Holy Grail.
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Fun stuff, looking around other blogs on the net. I find all sorts of interesting things, like many people who are HIGHLY detailed about their personal life. Yeah, I should be working, I know. :)

I found this tidbit here.

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Bush

1. You think the pictures of the naked, defenseless Iraqi prisoners being tortured are funny.
2. You're much more comfortable with stem cells leftover from in-vitro fertilization being thrown away rather than scientists using them to cure silly things like diabetes, MS, or parkinson's disease.
3. So what if the rest of the world no longer trusts or respects us? We're a super power, and we've proven we can do whatever we want!
4. Hey, you don't know any of the 595 men being held without charges for the last 2 and a half years in Guantanamo...
5. The fact that we're putting an end to terrorism by fighting for a free Iraq while signing away our own freedoms (the Patriot Act) doesn't bother you.
6. You believe as Bush does, he was put here at this time for this purpose by God (you know the Pope doesn't agree, but you're pretty sure he's just jealous).
7. Equal rights for gays? No way! The only rainbow you endorse is the one that tells you how alert you need to be for terrorist activity!
8. You envy Ashcroft's ability to interpret laws so they don't apply to him (or the President).
9. You're a republican dammit! (And you won't be caught dead voting for a Democrat).
10. To protect your gun rights (oh, wait, Bush supported the continuation of the largely ineffective 1994 "Assault Weapons Ban").
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The Tribe has spoken...turn off the camera

It seems that in a horribly misguided attempt to get that precious 16th minute of fame, Jenna Lewis from the first season of Survivor had a sex romp with her 21-year old new husband video taped. Not 2 days later, this was on the internet for sale. So, we have two options...A) She's an idiot who somehow got this tape stolen, digitized, edited, and posted on its own web site in 48 hours or B) She's a completely worthless fool who willingly had this leaked for personal profit.

This whole "drive to be a celebrity" thing is getting so out of control. I like some reality TV, like Survivor and Big Brother. The perverted voyeur in me gets a frightening unnatural kick out of watching these people interact, especially Big Brother. It is wrong and I am rightfully ashamed of it, but like the lonely Irish sheephearder that keeps cornering that one lovely ewe in the corner of the stone fence even though he hates himself for it, I just keep watching these shows. But perhaps, my own stalker-like proclivities aside, this phenomenon has gone on quite long enough?

Last night was Family Fear Factor where a parent brought along their 10 or so year old child to compete with them. Now Fear Factor is sometimes entertaining to watch, if only to see how gleefully these fucktards will debase themselves for peanuts, but this was taking it too far. If you want to go on national television and chew on a bull's dick or wallow in duck piss for the entertainment of the American masses, well go right ahead. Have fun. But DO FUCKING NOT take your 10 year old daughter along on the ride to public humiliation. These kids were terrified, but their goddamn parents kept pushing them and forcing them to do this shit. Then when they didn't win, the kids would break down crying because they cost mommy a chance to get those implants she's been wanting so she can again become the headliner at the local gas station/strip club.

And then you have the truely low shit on TV like Who Wants to Marry My Dad and that crap. The romance end of the genre that seems to meld the voyeuristic, the humilation, and a certain gross sentimentality into one giant oozing mass of low IQ TV.

Now Last Comic Standing is actually good TV, in my humble opinion. These are professional entertainers who are competing in their chosen field. Funny as hell and quite reasonable.

But seriously Jenna, no one wants to buy your video. If they wanted it, all they would have to do is do a search on some file sharing program for "jenna lewis" and they would have the entire thing an hour later. Not that I have done that, but...
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Hmm...my last rant was a bit...Venomous. End of a tough day, you know? Well, this one is going to be quite a bit more pleasant. I hope so anyway.

I finally got a gmail account. I can relax. I felt like I was going to lose my membership card to the Geek Club. For those of you not in the know, Google is launching a free email service which is currently in beta (the final testing before release. You have the Alpha build, which is internal testing, then the Beta build which is much wider and sometimes public testing phase, then the Gamma release which is the Gold release, meaning that this is the copy that is sent to the manufacturer for burning to the master disks), but it is a closed beta, by invitation only. These invitations have been highly prized in the Geek circles, being a badge of honor. Well, I finally got my invitation making me one of the select 5,000,000 who have accounts. Yeah, I'm a bit late and low on the Great Geek Totem Pole. But it is cool. Email me at kelly.oconnor@N O S P A Mgmail.com You will need to remove the nospam part of course. If you don't know, there are spiders (small programs) which crawl the web looking for email addresses listed in web pages which then adds those harvested addresses to mailing lists for spam.

Moving along, if you still use Internet Explorer, stop. It really isn't a good browser in any sense other than the sheer number of users it has. There are a few alternatives, most notably Firefox which is based on Mozilla. Mozilla is a full blown Internet Suite, which includes a browser, email client, Instant Messenging client, and html editor. Firebird is just a clean, super fast, small browser.

Why is it better than IE?

A) Tabbed browsing - multiple tabbed pages inside a single window
B) Faster - pages load faster
C) Smaller - in both hard drive and memory footprint, which makes the rest of your computer seem faster
D) NO POPUPS! - I've had about 5 popups in the past year. And I guarantee I spend more time on the internet than most people.
E) Standards - Mozilla/Firebird conforms to net coding standards far better than IE. The Internet is a cross-platform, open network. There should not be proprietary corporate standards. Every page should run equally well on all compliant browsers on any major Operating System (Windows, Mac OS/X, *nix, etc), but IE doesn't play by the same rules. Some standards (cascading style sheets, for instance) don't work well in IE. Plus there hasn't been a single major upgrade to IE in 4 years, while other browsers are constantly working to improve and upgrade. Microsoft has the far majority of the market share (above 85%) and they no longer have to play be the rules. So I refuse to use it as much as possible.

Anyway, I hope to have another update later today, but we'll have to see.
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haxored yoo!

A little mild geek talk here. Ready? The Internet is a great thing...if we could just get it away from the damn computers. Now I'm sure that doesn't make sense, if you've read a single other sentence of this blog you will already know that making sense isn't my strongest asset, but bear with me. The Internet is great for communication and reference, there is no doubt. The commerce aspect of it is finally starting to come around as well, but damn I wish I was a tech back in the days before they were online. Because the Internet is bad for computers. It really is. It is like you have this beautiful 18 year old virgin. She cooks, cleans, has a smart sense of humor, watches Meet the Press religiously, and hates everything M*ch*g*n. The perfect girl. Then you send her to college. A really shitty one, like for instance the University of Meatchicken. She comes back a month later knocked-up, hooked on crack, and smelling like an offensive tackle who hasn't showed in 2 weeks. That's your computer before and after you plug it into the Internet.

Hackers (a misnomer, by the way...they are actually crackers), viruses, trojans, spam...these things drive me fucking nuts. Spyware, don't even get me started on that craptacular invention. The little bastard aps are stealing their histories and password and the users don't care because they get little pop-ups telling them if it is raining outside. LOOK OUT A GODDAMN WINDOW!

Hoaxes. Shit hoaxes piss me off. About every week someone sends me a mass email warning me about the latest virus which is going to delete my email, underclock my processor, and screw my cat if I open the wrong email. Why does everyone believe this stuff? Why is it that if you tell someone the Patriot Act is unconstitutional, they won't believe you. You can sit them down with volumes of information, testimonials, previous laws, and 3 Supreme Court Justices and they still won't believe you. But if they get one single email from a dumbfuck friend of theirs saying that Microsoft will give them $10 for every person they forward this email to, they go out and sit by the mailbox waiting for the check.

Email viruses are the easiest in the world to avoid. A) Don't trust anything B) See "A"

That's it. No magic.

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International Fame!

How cool is this. I've had 2 hits from Japan. I went and signed up with Statcounter so I had some idea of if I was just screaming alone into the void, but a few (24) people have visited over the past few days. None of you bastards have left any comments *grumbles* but at least I can now see that people are actually coming by from time to time.

By the way, Statcounter is free and gives just an assload of info, so I would recommend it to others.
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Roy G Biv can kiss my ass

I learned something new this weekend. I now know why people choose 1 or 2 colors of paint for a room. Why, you ask? Because regardless of what pre-conceived notions you may have, paint can be expensive. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU BUY 6 FUCKING COLORS!! Yes, dear friends, 6 colors. For the product of my loins' room. This poor little bugger is going to stroke out when he goes in there for the first time. Are they six calm muted colors chosen and designed lovingly to calm and ease his terrifying transition into the world outside of a vagina? Nope. Not even close. 6 primary colors; I think I even remember the names of each, in case you want to look them up: Bloody Blazin' Red, Holy Shit That's Blue Blue, Yellower Than Piss Yellow, Radioactive Puke From A Pissed Off Goblin Green, Bruised Baby of Grimace And Barney Purple, and Goddamn The Virgin Mary Isn't Pure Enough To Wear That White White.

Japan just called. They want my wife's help in choosing the colors for their next seizure inducing children's show.
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Welcome to Gmail

Welcome to Gmail

So when exactly is one of you going to send me my invitation to gmail? Huh? I'm waiting....
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Still he's better than Randy Ayres

Shit Shit SHIT! Jim O'Brien has been fired from Ohio State. This was a good guy trying to do good things. This sucks. Hardcore. Details are sketchy, but damn this bums me out.
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Wired News: Cities Say No to the Patriot Act

Wired News: Cities Say No to the Patriot Act

Every once in a while you see something which makes you happy to be an American. This is one of those things. What can possibly be more American than a bunch of towns around the country independently saying that the Federal Government isn't abiding its own Constitution and they will not support or help the Feds in enforcing the Patriot Act.

I don't want to make this into a political blog, but damn it, Dubya has done more to harm this country than any number of terrorists flying any number of planes into any number of buildings. If we don't have the Bill of Rights, then what do we have?

The 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States state:

Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

These two Amendments, comprising fully one-fifth of the Bill of Rights, are being completely ignored by the Federal Government. This doesn't even being to include the gross violations that have happened to the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments.
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I survived!

I thought I'd give you (you being the collective term for absolutely nobody in the case of this blog)a quick rundown of the weekend. Me watching two boys, 7 and 9, was quite an adventure. But I found the secret...Desert Combat. This wonderful little game can tame the wildest of children...assuming they are screaming, chaotic, hyperstimulated maniacs on crack like my nephews. If we could figure out a way to harness the engergy these two dynamos give off, we wouldn't need to ever figure out how the hell to get cold fusion to work.

I tried to tell my sister when she caught one of the demons playing DC that it was a game about global politics. She didn't buy it, which speaks for her intelligence. But I have to say that they loved playing it even without bots running around to slaughter.

Other than that and the Harry Potter movie, the weekend wasn't too exciting. But I survived.
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Because JK Rowlings doesn't have enough money yet...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...I saw it this weekend. Quite good, if I do say so. Certainly better than the first two. Harry has finally gotten past the "fish out of water" wide-eyed phase which so annoyed me in the first two books/movies and is now a character in a story that is actually interesting.

The story is solid coving the standard ground of revenge, betrayal, fear, and loyalty, but the strength of the primary 3 characters, especially Harry and Hermione, carry the film. The film is darker than the previous two, both in subject and in cinematography. The overall look of the movie is also much more real...they seem to be actually living in our world rather the somewhat fantastical world of the first two.

It may not be as interesting to kids since the subject matter and tone are a bit more adult, plus there isn't as much gee-whiz and overdone special effects as what they might be used to. As a matter of fact the sfx are understated and used to compliment the story much more than BE the story, something a certain Mr. Lucas could learn a thing or two about.

If you are a Potter fan, you will see this movie. If you haven't seen the first two, don't bother. You won't have the slightest clue what is happening. But for those of you who saw the first two but were iffy on seeing this one, give it a shot. It is worth the $7.
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Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides

In interviews with a number of White House staffers who were willing to talk off the record, a picture of an administration under siege has emerged, led by a man who declares his decisions to be "“God'’s will"” and then tells aides to "“fuck over"” anyone they consider to be an opponent of the administration.

Whoa, how wild is this? I don't know if it is something I can put any faith in or not, but I'm going to check into it. Kinda wild stuff.
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How about Damien?

Well, I have two nephews coming to town this weekend, Ethan and Nolan. Actually, they are my only two nephews. Two bundles of energy. Ages 8 and 6, they should be a handful. Carol may be around, but she is on call, so there is no telling how much she will be home rather than catching babies. That leaves me and the rugrats. It is kind of going to be an interesting little trial run for this fall when little Walter arrives.

Walter is only what I have started calling him. Naming a human being is a tough thing...I don't want the name to be generic like Paul, David, or Mike. No offense to all of the Pauls, Davids, and Mikes out there, but those old biblical names are worn out and tired.

On the other hand, you don't want something that is begging for the kid to get his ass kicked...like say Ethan or Nolan. :) But all of the old "tough" names have been turned gay: Butch, Bruce, Spike...

Which leads us back to my old friends, the Irish names. Now Carol likes Ryan and I guess that is fine, but it doesn't do much for me. It isn't bad, mind you, but it just isn't all that great. I like some of the more interesting Gaelic names like Finnegan, Sullivan, Tiernan and that sort of thing.

Walter is just something that I grabbed as a joke. I figure that as long as she fights against that I may be able to get something else snuck through. Yes, I am a ripe bastard.
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Scary Times...

Between this and the on going stories that are being whispered about the draft being reinstated early next year, things are becoming interesting. The entire war takes on a more personal feeling when conscripted forces are being considered rather than the current all professional military.
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Don't be surprised if my template changes a few times over the next day or so, I really don't like this one. Is is a clean layout, which is great, but also so very dry.

This afternoon my wife has another ultrasound. She's 20 or 21 weeks along in her pregnancy and things are starting to get interesting. No longer is it something you have to remind yourself; that she's pregnant. She is beginning to show now, plus she can feel the little tyke move around. I tried to feel it last night, but I still think it is much too early for that.

This will be her 300th or so ultrasound. The little freak has probably has absorbed so many ultrasound waves at this point that he's going to come out with some seriously cool superpowers. See the attached copy of our last ultrasound. I told you he was messed up. He obviously gets his looks from me rather than his mother.

 Posted by Hello
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John Stewart's Commencement Address at William and Mary

News and Information | News

What a great talk. It was funny, which I expected, but also meaningful and poignant, which surprised me. Is John Stewart the 21st Century's Mark Twain?
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[H]ard|Forum - powered by vBulletin

[H]ard|Forum - powered by vBulletin

Finally it is back up. For those who are not familiar with it, the [H]ard|Forum is the public side of [H]ard|OCP, an enthusiast hardward review and news site. The forum has been down for nearly a month while they upgraded to a new version of the forum software and I had no idea how much I would miss it. I generally only pay attention to the Networking and the Games forums, but I'll peek in on most of the other areas once a week or so.

If you ever stop by there, say "hi". I am "TrueBuckeye".
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