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The Zen of Blogging

So I've gone nuts with 5 posts in the first few hours of the existence of this little world and I have come to some realizations. First off, this seems to be for MY entertainment, rather than anyone else's. I don't know how anyone else will ever find this place unless they go off of the link on my home page. That will even be tough seeing how my site is down right now while I work to upgrade it from craptastic to merely terrible.

Side Note > When looking through IMDB's Bottom 100 Films of all Time I noticed something quite distressing. Both Bolero and Tarzan the Ape Man are in the bottom 50 of all time. Having been a boy in the 80's, I feel that ANY film in which Bo Derek appears should automatically get a respectable score.

Back on topic...

Anyway, if someone blogs on a page and no one ever sees it, did he really blog at all?
|| Kelly O'Connor, 5:33 PM


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