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Let's talk about Cussing. Why? Because it has been on my mind for a while what with the draconian steps the FCC has been implementing lately, some of the conversations that have sprung up got me a thinking, pondering even, about curse words.

So if I say "eat shit," can we all agree that that is considered rude and inappropriate? For instance, in the newspaper, it may say "eat $*W&", which in theory makes it ok. In a comic strip, they might say "eat poo-poo", which is certainly better. But is it really? In any of the above examples you are commanding someone to ingest human (I assume) stool. How can any one of those be better or worse than the other? It is the thought, the meaning, that carries the power. Why is it that if I put the letter "s" in front of the word "hit" suddenly it is a terrible concept? Yet I can say "crap" "dung" "feces" or "number 2" all day long and it is either inoffensive or sometimes even cute.

So if on the radio, you are listening to your favorite morning show and someone spills coffee on the control panel and says "shit". The FCC comes rolling in and can fine them a staggering $500,000. Yet if they say something seemingly innocuous like "crap" or even the slightly stronger "damn," it is all just fine and dandy. WHY!? Either way, they are saying something with the same general meaning, just changing the choice of word. Fuck that.

Freakin' is no better than Fuckin'. Shoot DOES equal Shit. Shucky Dern, Holy Gehozaphit, or Son of a Gun. Those aren't anything better than their more graphic counterpart.

Hey, just stop trying to falsely sanitize the world. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, drop a small car on your foot, or accidentally start thermo-nuclear war, I think saying "fuck" is quite appropriate.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 8:51 PM


I beg to differ. Coming from someone who tries not swear, I find that when I do, a couple of things happen. 1) It always degrades a situation. Freakin' is not "f-in". They are 2 different words, and though I concede one's only a step away from the other, its a big step nonetheless. 2) it makes me want to do it more. I find that its kind of like aggravating a situation. And I also find that the more it happens non-chalantly, the more likely I'd use it when I get upset.

The point is our society has made the call that if you intend to be crass and/or rude, these are the words to use (insert swear here). There is something that happens in my heart when I choose to swear, and it's not good. I agree that there is a false dichotmy going on when it comes to censorship of these things, and the solution falls somewhere in the middle. Any extreme in matters like this would be wrong. I think of course there are times for grace, yet there should be standards especially during normal public hours. Anywhoo, your blog intruiged me and being a fellow newbie blogger I just wanted to through in my two cents. thanks.
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