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So now what?

Well, here we are. I've created this blog with some serious delusions of grandeur, thinking that others actually want to know my day-to-day, moment-to-moment, thoughts. It is an usual form of arrogance...taking the personal diary concept and putting it online for the world to see. So, what do I do with this virtual space? I am planning on putting up some semi-random thoughts, links, and just the sort of thing that appeals to my odd brand of humor.

A few caveats:
1) These are my thoughts, not yours. I may say something you disagree with, use language you do not approve of, or somehow behave like an ass. That's my choice. If you don't like it, I would suggest you use that little "x" in the upper right corner of this window and all of your problems will go away. You can also feel free to add comments below my posts. I do not intend to ever delete any comments, unless it is just some trolling asshat, so comment away.

2) DO use the comment section. I am curious about who is looking at this page, what they think, and why the hell they don't get a hobby instead of looking at my useless crap.

3. The Nazis at the FCC have yet figured out how to censor free speech on the Internet, so do not expect this to conform to any local standards of decency. I do not go out of my way to be crude, but I somehow usually find myself ending up there. Go figure.

So, where are we going to go on this journey? Damned if I know, but you are welcome to come along for the ride. I make no promises about the destination or duration of the voyage, only that it may be fun.

So sit back, strap yourself in, and find a good station on the radio.
|| Kelly O'Connor, 11:43 AM


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